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The Hack to Try Facebook Reactions Before Anyone Else
The Hack to Try Facebook Reactions Before Anyone Else

Just last week Facebook made the huge announcement we’ve all been eagerly waiting for:  now users can choose to share actual emotions about any given Facebook post. Zuckerberg lamented with users about the limitations imposed by only having a ‘like’ button so they went ahead and gave users 6 new ways to express their feelings. Naturally pretty much every marketer in the world wants to use and test this feature but for now only certain areas have access to Reactions as part of a testing phase. Luckily we have a hack for you to try out this brave new feature before anyone else, and it’s as easy as pressing ‘like’.

The Hack to Try Facebook Reactions Before Anyone Else

The Good News:

Whilst it may not be “Like’s” evil twin brother, “Dislike”, Facebook’s introduction of its new “Reactions” feature today is the first step the company has taken towards the Like Button 2.0.

The Bad News:

This new feature is only open for testing to those Facebook users living in Ireland and Spain, meaning Social Media and Digital Marketers outside of these countries have to wait patiently before they can test this new, very social feature…

Or if you’re a massive, impatient, digital marketing nerd like me, you can use the Facebook Reactions Hack i’ve created below.

How Do Facebook Reactions Work?

The new Facebook Reactions feature works very similarly to the existing Like button, and can be accessed anywhere the Like button is accessible on Facebook. To use the feature, simply long press the Like button (on mobile) or hover over it with your mouse (on desktop) – this will open up at panel of six different reactions that you can add in response to a post.

Facebook Reactions

The first reaction being the traditional “Like”, followed up by “love,” “haha,” “yay,” “wow,” “sad” and “anger.”

Facebook Reactions

The new Reactions then get summated below the post in question, categorised by Emoji with a total tally next to them.

How Do You Get Facebook Reactions Outside of Ireland and Spain?

If you’re like me, the idea of waiting for this feature to be rolled out to your country irritates you more than a Facebook Page that only posts photos of their latest catalogues while simultaneously yelling at you to “VISIT US TODAY FOR THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME SPECIAL”.

Yeah, okay m8.

To fix this irritation, I created this quick and easy Facebook Reactions Hack that will allow you to nerd out and test this feature to your heart’s content. Simply follow the Steps below and you’ll be on your way to posting “love,” “haha,” “yay,” “wow,” “sad” and “anger” reactions in less than five minutes.

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Facebook Reactions Hack:

Step 1: Make sure you’re using Chrome or Firefox

Step 2: Sign out of your Facebook Account

Step 3: Go to and create an Account

Step 4: Once you have an account, simply download and install their Free VPN Browser Extension

Step 5: Once successfully installed, hover over the Hola icon (next to your URL bar) and select “Ireland” as the country you’d like to browse from

Facebook Reactions

Step 6: Now go to and login to your Account

Step 7: And boom, you can now use the Facebook Reaction’s Feature on Facebook from anywhere in the world.


How Does The Facebook Reactions Hack Work?

By using the VPN, you are able to reroute your computer’s IP address through another IP address from any country of your desire.

Facebook Reactions

Thus, when you access Facebook by rerouting your IP through Ireland (or Spain), Facebook enables the new Reactions feature for you automatically (just like it would if you were browsing from an computer in Ireland or Spain).

Now it’s your turn:

Were you able to take Facebook’s new Reactions feature for a test run yourself? What did you think of it? How do you think this feature will change your client’s Facebook Strategy if it’s rolled out in the future?

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