The Missed Opportunity Of LinkedIn

by Jason Falls |

I heard a lady say last week that she and her company had given up on LinkedIn. They started a group and it was going no where. She said the only people who were participating in the group were her competitors and frankly, her company wasn’t there to play with them. While I don’t know the details of her particular situation, I’ve run into this issue before.

Most companies interested in LinkedIn start a group about their company, then maybe a group about what they do. So if you’re an accounting firm, you start a group about accounting. The problem is that your prospective customers probably don’t go to LinkedIn looking for accountants to hang out with. They go looking for people like them.

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The problem with this approach to LinkedIn groups and conversations is that you’re focused on you, not your customer. Try turning the idea around and taking a different approach to groups.

  • If you’re an accounting firm, start or join groups for or about running a business, being a CEO or a CFO of a corporation.
  • If you’re a jewelry company, start a group focused on fashion.
  • If you’re a car insurance company, start a group focused on travel or road trips.
  • If you’re an internet marketing consultant, start a group focused on small businesses.

Turn the table and spend your time focused on what your customers might be looking for, not what you are. Because if you do, you’ll find what you want.

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