The Most Important Question Is, “Why?”

by Jason Falls |

My mother called me Friday and said, “Did you see my Twit?” I told her we needed to work on the terminology a bit, but no, I had not seen her Tweet. Mom, who is the communications director for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s District 12 office, had apparently signed up for Twitter.

As I do with most of my clients, I asked, “Why do you want to be on Twitter?”

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 12 on Twitter“Because it’s an easy way to get real time road condition and emergency updates out to the pubic and the media,” mom said.


Too many times, especially when it comes to social media and technology, businesses flock to the hot new trend or the shiny new object with delusions of grandeur. Two years ago, clients would come to me and say, “I want a blog.” Today, they say, “I want a Facebook page,” or “I want a Twitter account.” My answer has always been the same: Why?

Seldom can answer that question.

Mom knew why before she ever started, which means she’ll probably be successful with it. The local television station in Hazard, Ky., has already told her they’re thrilled she’s a Tweetin’. It makes their job easier. Which is her job.

Good work mom.

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