The Napoleon Dynamite Guide To Social Media

by Jason Falls |
Jason Falls
Jason Falls

There’s a pretty good chance if you search the archives of any social media blogger, consultant, advisor or even novice, you’ll see the advice, “you have to add value.” It’s the biggest hurdle to overcome for corporate marketers trying to find their way into social media. You have to give to get in a relationship with your customers. And giving them a product to buy isn’t good enough anymore.

Whether you’re giving them engaging content on your website or just responsiveness to their complaints on Twitter, social media success is almost always predicated on karma.

In the cult classic film, “Napoleon Dynamite,” the class president election comes down to the popular Summer Wheatley and lowly Mexican immigrant Pedro. Each gives an election speech but Pedro is devastated when he learns one part of the election stumping is a skit. Summer, who has performed a dance routine to a Backstreet Boys song with her friends, appears to be a lock for the win. That is until Pedro’s friend Napoleon comes to the rescue with this:

The lesson to be learned is that to differentiate yourself, you have to add value. Now, I admit this analogy is a mighty big stretch. Napoleon’s dance routine has nothing to do with Pedro’s candidacy. You should add value that is strategically linked to your brand and business. But the point is the same. You can’t win without giving the audience something to cheer about.

So, as you and your company are toeing the waters of social media, get out your D-Qwon’s Dance Grooves tape and practice. Give your customers something of value. If you’re a bank, give them free tips on saving money or investing in a recession. If you’re a cleansing product or service, give them tips on removing stains. If you’re a law firm, give away some timely and smart legal advice like the top five legalities to remember on your tax returns.

Your audience will stand and cheer just like they did for Napoleon.

And they’ll Vote for Pedro.

What are you going to give your audience today? The comments are yours.

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