The Pinning of America

Critical usage data is available on Pinterest

by Jason Falls |

Pinterest was of keen interest as we formulated questions for the first quarterly execution of The Social Habit. And for very good reason: 2012 was the year Pinterest exploded and became not just big, but relevant in the digital marketing mix.

How relevant has been somewhat of a mystery until now. Our survey of 3,000+ Americans 12 and over shows that Pinterest is the third most popular social network for women aged 18-44. That’s significant.

The Pinterest-specific information was far too informative for us to not set it aside, so following the lead of Edison Research’s Tom Webster, I’m happy to tell you we’ve packaged Pinterest data in a new report you can purchase separately from the main Social Habit research. Jump over to purchase at The Social Habit.

In addition to the impact of pinning on a critical demographic for many, a significant number of Pinterest users say they have purchased a product as the result of seeing it on someone else’s pin board. For retailers — online or off — this means opportunity. But will retailers capitalize?

Remember, Pinterest is about compelling visual content, not just your silly products. Instead of uploading a picture of whatever it is you sell — in its fake, studio back drop beauty — think of potential Pinterest content like this:

If I see this picture floating by in a sea of other pictures, is it beautiful/funny/compelling enough for me to stop and share it?

If not, don’t. If so, tap into the Power of the Pin.

Enjoy the report. And if you like, you can check out my pin boards, which I hope are fairly useful for ya.

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