Thursday Seems A Day For Twitter
Thursday Seems A Day For Twitter
by Jason Falls">Jason Falls

It’s impossible for me not to write about a collaboration of two of my favorite things in social media. Chris Brogan (okay, technically not a “thing” per say) and Radian6 are teaming up for the first ever Twebinar on Thursday. The concept is cool: While you’re watching a pre-recorded interview Brogan has done with several of the top leaders in social media, a side channel of Twitter conversation will be going on around it. Needless to say, if you have trouble multi-tasking, you’ll wind up with a headache.

Twebinar from Radian6 featuring Chris BroganThursday’s debut of the Twebinar, a term coined by Radian6’s David Alston, is called, “Game Changing Moves – Doing Business With Social Media.” It promises to get the low-down on how social media tools are changing the way companies and brands are doing business. Case studies and examples will, for certain, be a plenty. And, knowing Brogan, the promise will meet the take away.

The webinars, with a nifty Twitter conversation to connect you with the actual interviewer and, to my understanding, interviewees, are free. All you have to do is register. There are fantastic informational sections and instructions on all this on the Twebinar site where you can find Twitter handles, and thus connections, to all the participants.

And as if the first-ever Twebinar wasn’t enough, Twitter will also be the focus of what I’ll be doing that is taking me away from the event. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) chapter in Kentucky is hosting a Social Media Bootcamp. I’ll be presenting a primer on Twitter to open the attendees’ eyes to the magic of microblogging. Every person there will leave with a Twitter account and, hopefully, an understanding of how to use it.

My outline for discussion is below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what points I should include (or not include) to a group I’m assuming knows nothing about it. Please leave your suggestions in the comments area. I’ll happily bring up the blog post for the class to see so you get credit!

And, assuming most of you won’t be attending my Twitter workshop, learn a thing or two from Chris and the Radian6 folks on the Twebinar.

An Introduction To Twitter

I.    What are you doing? (And why does anyone care?)

II.    What is microblogging?

A.    Communication Advantages

B.    Communication Disadvantages

III.    Uses

A.    Personal Use

B.    Professional Use

C.    Business Use

D.    Enterprise Use

IV.    Best Practices