Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)
Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

There is a lot of buzz about social business. Experts are creating models, defining solutions, developing processes and new methodologies like it is a new problem to be solved. Is it a new way to approach an old problem?

Michael Brito, SVP, Social Business at Edelman Digital presented on this topic, Beyond a Buzzword, at Explore in Orange County. He agrees that today’s society is constantly flooded with content. As ordinary people can embrace this new world of communication with no boundaries anyone can grow their own influence to impact businesses and governments. The “multi-screen economy” we currently live in is creating an attention deficit disorder to the digital marketer profession. We need to roll up our sleeves and get serious.

Social media is the bright shiny object. Let’s stop tweeting, liking, pinning and checking our mobile phone for the next two minutes and get to business with a glance and go graphic that represents social business, its definition, challenges and the outcome of what a successful social business could be.

Now that you’ve fed your brain with some eye smarts, you may commence the tweeting, liking and pinning and share the glance and go graphic if you’d like. Please do! 

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