Twitter Insights From A Facebook Crowd

by Jason Falls |

I’ve been spending some time watching my Facebook friends and their use of the tool. No, I’m not stalking. I’m convinced there’s a vast difference in how most people use social networking sites and how those inside the social media bubble do. For instance, I’ve noticed when I post Facebook status updates, which I refuse to connect to my Tweets for fear of seeming disingenuous to my Facebook friends, few of my social media friends respond. Several of my high school or college (read: mainstream users) friends do, however.

I posted this status update on Facebook a few days ago and thought the responses were interesting. Of those listed, three are people I would consider contacts made through my work in social media. One is a carry-over friend from my personal networking days on MySpace (yeah, I was there). The others are either college or high school friends, work colleagues before I was involved in social media and one cousin. (Bonus points if you can identify the MySpace friend or the cousin.)

See what they thought about Twitter.

Facebook fans speak out about Twitter

So what does this tell you? Sure, it’s anecdotal evidence at best, but shouldn’t we consider examples like this when developing social media efforts for Facebook? For Twitter? Can we at least not see that one network’s messages do not carry over well?

What do you think? Better yet, ask a similar question of your Facebook network and report your findings in the comments.

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