What A Little App That Could Means For Social Media Explorer
What A Little App That Could Means For Social Media Explorer
by Jason Falls

If you haven’t seen the new iPhone app Over, you really should. It’s the brainchild of Aaron Marshall, my business partner at Social Media Explorer. Yes, I’ve helped push it along and promote it to my networks, but technically I have nothing to do with its success.

In fact, Over has taken off so well that Aaron and I are parting ways so he can build more and focus on the app and its parent company, Potluck. It’s a bittersweet move for both of us … we’ve had a lot of fun building some neat things together at SME … but he has hit upon something that no friend in his right mind would hold him back from.

Over is very simply an iPhone app (Android is in the works) that allows you to instantly and easily add text over photos. I’ve been using it a lot lately and posting images through my Facebook and Instagram accounts, both of which get posted to my personal blog (coincidentally run on Overblog which is completely unrelated to Aaron’s app).

It’s gotten some kick-ass coverage from people other than the biased friends of Aaron, too. Chris Brogan loves it and interviewed Aaron about it. TechCrunch covered its launch. Betakit had some nice things to say about it. It even got coverage in Louisville’s Business First which often misses good tech stories in the ‘Ville.

I love it because it helps you add context to the images you’re taking that stay with the image. No need for captions when you can add them on the picture. The user-experience is incredible, too. Aaron’s little menu wheel is unique and easy to use with just a thumb, making it optimal for the smart phone user on the go.

Certainly, I’d rather Aaron remain with SME, but we’ve gone from a lone consultant experimenting with a couple of products to a full-blown digital marketing agency with an event series, a market research product and a premium content community with him on board. Now that Aaron’s pet project has taken off, it’s time for him to go build that into something awesome. And I know he will.

So what are you waiting for? Go get Over for your iPhone now!