What To Watch For At Blog World Expo
What To Watch For At Blog World Expo
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Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra will deliver his annual State of the Blogosphere address tomorrow morning at Blog World & New Media Expo in Las Vegas. The speech is essentially the blog search engine’s public opportunity to unveil results from a fairly far-reaching survey they conduct with bloggers each year. The stats are interesting and there’s always an insight or two that make the speech worth watching.

I’m keenly interested in this year’s speech, however, because I think the blogosphere is changing. While the evolution may be subtle, several key events and environmental factors are creeping into the mindset and habits of bloggers that make what we do a bit different. So watch for Jalichandra to talk about some of these topics and see what he says about them.

My guess is that Technorati will try to spin everything to make it sound like blogs are awesome and growing and a major media channel. If they don’t, they hurt their own future. Not that I think blogs are going away or that the industry is in a downturn, but these things are changing blogs, bloggers and the web in general:

  • Twitter – You’d be hard pressed to find very many bloggers who wouldn’t agree that Twitter has changed their blog habits, frequency, topics and more. Two years ago blogs were about conversations. Twitter owns that territory now. How does that effect the reasons for blogging and the time bloggers spend on each.
  • Lifestreaming – With trend watchers like Steve Rubel migrating to a more all-encompassing approach to blogging and nifty new tools like Posterous gaining market momentum, blogging may be moving back toward a more personal journal vibe for some. How does this apply to businesses (Rubel is tackling that topic today at Blog World) and is this a good or bad thing for the quality and quantity of blogs everywhere?
  • FTC regulations – Bloggers don’t understand why the government is sticking their nose in their blogs. Many are mad. Some are scared. It doesn’t actually change much other than giving us all a subtle reminder that we ought not be bought without telling our audience we’ve been bought. Still, it does have some effects on the way bloggers make money from their efforts which has implications for bloggers, marketers, brands and more.

I would recommend watching Twitter from 8:45 a.m. PT/11:45 a.m. ET tomorrow (search for the hashtag #bwe09) to see what Jalichandra says. Frankly, I don’t know if he’ll touch on these issues. Technorati is in desperate need of a splash of positive blog energy. They just redesigned their interface and announced they were going to offer more of their own content. They’ve failed miserably to improve their tool over the past two years and have lost a bit of relevance in the blog world. According to Compete.com, nearest competitor Blog Catalog actually eclipsed Technorati in unique visitors last month for the first time.

But if Jalichandra does talk about these things, both from the survey’s results and Technorati’s perspective, it’s sure to be interesting.

Assuming he may read this post before tomorrow, jump in the comments and ask the questions you’d like him to answer about the State of the Blogosphere. Who knows? He may just do it.

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  • I'll be sure to be monitoring the #bwe09 conversation tomorrow as I agree with you that we are seeing change -i'd call it a *super* [for lack of a better, cool Web 2.0 word] convergence of social media technologies leading to broader conversations and even closer connections.

    When you pause for a moment and consider what you've mentioned coupled with SideWiki, the pending release of Google Wave and the possibility of real-time search from Twitter+Google and/or Twitter+Bing – and just about anyone will be able to join any conversation from any where at any time.

    the conversation is certainly is evolving, I just hope I can keep up, don't you?

  • jason200620

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  • The shifts you're talking about are definitely happening, and I hope that Jalichandra addresses them (as I suspect countless others will.)

    The one I'm unconvinced about conversations going to Twitter. How engaging of a conversation can you really have on that platform? While communication is certainly shifting there I guess I fall more under Ben Casnocha's camp when he says that the 140 character limit gets tiresome.

    For people (like yourself) that gets lots of @replies it has to be hard to keep up with… and if you're having a conversation with much context to it that extends past a few tweets couldn't it irritate those following both parties receiving a large influx of tweets coming through? (among other limitations?)

    • Good points, Ryan. I have a lot of conversations on Twitter and while they are short and sporadic, they are truly meaningful. I've also had long, drawn out discussions there (mostly arguing with Geoff Livingston) which have been engaging to us both, but also those watching the conversation.

      Perhaps I'm a bad example – someone who can manage a lot of conversations at once which most people can't – but I think Twitter is where conversations are happening now. Sure, there needs to be something for 140+, but I think blogging is changing in that less and less people are engaging in the comments section.

      Then again, I've been wrong before.

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