Who’s The Biggest D-Bag In Social Media?
Who’s The Biggest D-Bag In Social Media?
by Jason Falls

My friend Tom Martin has been compiling a series of interviews for his awesome Talkin’ With Tom project. He’s getting video interviews using nothing but and iPhone with thought leaders around the country. The series is fascinating and you should certainly check out some of the great interviews and information shared there.

But Tom is also apt to have a little fun. So as part of his interviews of several folks close to the social media space, he decided to tack on a silly question: Who’s the biggest douchebag in social media. The answers are astonishing. Everyone names names. I, for one, think this is an incredible step in the right direction: to call ’em out and end their shenanigans.

Watch this:

And if you didn’t stick around to the end, be sure to tune into Talkin’ With Tom on Monday to see who I picked!