HootSuite Releases Social Media Measurement White Paper

by Jason Falls |

We are always excited when one of our team members does something awesome. Nichole Kelly, one of SME’s regular contributors and a social media measurement consultant, worked with HootSuite recently to create a white paper for them called, “An Introduction to Social Media Measurement.

It’s the first in a series of white papers Kelly is working on. In her typical, Full Frontal ROI style, Nichole cuts through the clutter of retweets and follower counts and focuses on measuring social media marketing efforts with financial goals and objectives in mind. The HootSuite paper includes how-to documents on getting metrics from its new Custom Social Analytics Reporting feature.

“Marketers want to measure social media in a way that is meaningful to the organization, but unfortunately most of us aren’t metrics junkies and there isn’t a silver bullet answer,” Nichole told me. “The whitepaper series is about showing marketers how they can finally tie their results to financial metrics like sales,revenue, and cost.”

She said the partnership with HootSuite was the result of the company’s desire to cut the B.S., too, and get to the data that drives better decision-making in the organization. That’s Nichole’s style. That’s my style. So I thought I’d let you know you should go download this thing. It’s good.

And here it is:

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