Inside A Social Media Command Center

by Jason Falls |

Last month I paid a visit to Dreamforce, the user conference for, in San Francisco. As you may know, recently acquired Radian6, one of the leading social media monitoring platforms. This was the first time the and Radian6 team was together at Dreamforce and they put on quite a show.

Because many of the sessions at Dreamforce were focused on social media and social business (here’s an audio recording my talk on the ROI of Social Media), the Radian6 team was not only the star of the exhibition show floor, but cranked up the community team to listen, amplify and triage mentions of both brands, as well as others Dreamforce had purchased over the year, and show off it’s ability to be responsive and nimble despite a high volume of conversations on and off line.

To do this, Radian6 and set up a command center at the Mosconi Center. They invited me in to check it out. While I was there, I not only got a chance to film what they were doing and show it off, but talk to Genevieve Coates of the community team about their efforts at the show and beyond.

As you’re growing your community team, you’ll hopefully find that example useful. It’s neat to think of building out a war room type setup in your physical location where individuals focusing on various pieces of your business are communicating across silos and routing issues to the right people quickly. Certainly, there are other examples, but looking at Radian6 and Salesforce’s temporary setup for an event gives you a good idea of where the concept can go.

How are you preparing to handle command of your social data and interactions? How many people are you devoting to the effort now? Please share your experiences in the comments so we all might learn. The comments, as always, are yours.

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