Trackur White Labels Ultimate Package

by Jason Falls |

Social media monitoring firm Trackur has revamped its website and package offerings and now offers complete white-labeling, custom domain names and direct client logins with their Ultimate platform. The changes were announced yesterday on Trackur’s blog by CEO Andy Beal. While several other platforms do allow for white-labeling, especially if you’re willing to pay them a boat-load of money, Trackur’s Ultimate package is just $297 per month for those signing up before June 30. It jumps to $377 per month afterwards.

What this means is now ad agencies don’t have to spend a wad of money to claim they offer social media monitoring themselves. Rejoice!

Wonder how long it will take one of them to claim their social media monitoring solution is built on, “proprietary software,” in a new business pitch?

Sorry. Making fun of ad agencies, not Trackur.

Trackur is actually a nice monitoring solution. Though I’ve not covered it in-depth here before, Beal is a digital marketing veteran, solidly rooted in search engine expertise and data mining experience. The company is small compared to most in the industry and as such hasn’t had quite the top-of-mind outcomes the Radian6 and ScoutLabs of the world have had, but Trackur is solid. Besides, Beal is brilliant. If he’s behind it, it’s trustworthy.

The screen capture below shows Trackur’s standard look and feel.

Trackur's Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

This one shows the white-labeling. Apparently, you can choose from a bunch of color schemes and so-on.

Trackur's Dashboard White-Labeled

I’ve been testing their free service (one saved search, but unlimited results) and enjoy the simplicity of the tool. It’s Site Influence tool is a nice, simple way to see if you should be concerned about a particular blog saying something negative about you. While I haven’t been able to get my hands on some of the paid versions of Trackur, the ease of use and simplicity of the free tool makes me think they’re equally as useful.

If Trackur leaves anything to be desired (at least what I’ve seen of it) is that its simplicity and ease of use is undermined by the fact there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of depth in pretty charts and graphs, reports and the like marketers want to see (even if they don’t understand them). The data is exportable, and paid solutions offer trending graphs, but it almost seems to assume you know what to do with a CSV to make the CEO say, “OMG!”

Most marketers don’t. And fewer ad agencies do.

The white-labeling, though, should make a difference for Trackur. Agencies love telling clients and new business targets they have their act together, even when they don’t. Now, for just a few hundred bucks a month, they have access to a nice monitoring tool they can label as their own that offers them unlimited searches, results, custom feeds, alerts, bookmarking and sharing of items, custom filters and more.

Regardless of your need for white-labeling, or ego-maniacal “we do that ourselves” claims, there’s one category Trackur normally beats people out on and this addition doesn’t disappoint there either: Price. It’s worth looking into.

If you are a Trackur customer, jump in the comments and let us know what you think about the tool, particularly the paid features I haven’t had an adequate look at. If you’re at and ad agency, how much more interesting does Trackur become now that you can white-label it and share it with your clients? And if you’re at an ad agency and offended at my insinuations, have at it. I speak from experience.

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