What Charter Doesn’t Understand About Social Media
What Charter Doesn’t Understand About Social Media
by Ike Pigott">Ike Pigott

In a move that surprised even the most jaded customer, Charter abruptly pulled the plug on its social media customer service team. But why? A brief statement from the company:

“We believe speaking directly with a customer is a more personal, effective and consistent way to answer questions, solve an issue or provide information, and we will focus our efforts on these means of communications. We’re committed to treating our customers with great care, and we believe that person-to-person interaction accomplishes that in a more meaningful way for more of our customers.”

…and some analysis from SME’s Ike Pigott:

Is this proof that social just can’t scale for customer care? Is the cost too high? Or is there something else happening here? Please share your reactions (and theories) in the comments.

(Especially if you work for Charter, and have some inside scoop. Identities withheld.)

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