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If you’ve got a friend or family member who has an iPad and is a student or on-the-go type, I’ve got a neat holiday gift idea for you. My friends Josh Beatty and Mike Casto, old buds from my Doe-Anderson days, have designed and built an iPad accessory system called Modulr. With their unique iPad case, you mount your iPad to your office wall, a table or desk stand, a handy carrying strap and etc. It allows you to take your iPad wherever you want, but use it in more stylish, permanent placements when you’re stationary.

I told a few folks about Modulr at South by Southwest last year when Josh showed me the idea. Well, the idea is now a product. You can visit their website at http://modulrcase.com/ and order straps, stands, mounts and, of course, the unique casing. Just to show you how I use Modulr, I threw together a little demonstration:

My wall mount will likely be installed in the kitchen where my wife can then use the iPad to watch shows, check email or even look up recipes while she cooks or does whatever she does in the kitchen. I’ve told Grant I will not mount it on the bottom of the top bunk so he can play games while laying in bed. Daddy’s not that cool.

Modulr is a neat idea for a holiday gift, so I thought I’d share. No, I don’t typically review hardware or accessories, but these guys are some Louisville folks doing good things. Plus, they’re my buds and I’m proud of them. Sue me.

My only disclosure is they gave me a kit for free to review. I don’t get a cut of anything you buy. They haven’t asked for the kit back, but if they do, I’ll return it. I hope they don’t, however. I kinda dig it.

Do you use Modulr? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. And Happy Holidays!

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