Patrick O’Keefe Offers Community Management Expertise On SME-TV

by Jason Falls |

With companies and brands clamoring around the buzzword of “community” recently, it only makes sense they would be looking for experienced advice on building and managing them. While I would certainly welcome all comers, there are a good number of community experts out there. One is Patrick O’Keefe of the iFroggy Network, who has been managing online communities since 2000. I caught up with O’Keefe for an episode of SME TV at Blog World & New Media Expo recently, where we both served on a panel together.

O’Keefe is a writer, web developer, and community administrator who has been managing online communities since 2000. Beyond just being the administrator, however, he’s spent substantial amounts of time contributing to communities from all angles, as a member, staff member and owner. He founded and owns the iFroggy Network, an Internet network featuring several communities, including,,, and He writes for multiple blogs, including

O’Keefe will also be the featured teleconference at Social Media Club Louisville’s October gathering, which you can read about here.

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