VoxTrot Sheds Different Light On Social Media Monitoring

by Jason Falls |

Jason Falls
Jason Falls

I caught up with my Twitter buddy Mike Troiano at the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco recently. Mike is on the board at Crimson Hexagon, a web applications company in Boston that has its philosophies based on Harvard research and theories. When I asked about what they were up to, Mike told me about VoxTrot, a soon-to-be released social media monitoring product that looks at gauging online conversations a bit differently than other tools like Radian6, Scout Labs and Techrigy.

Instead of trying to explain it myself, I thought the subject might be good for another edition of SME-TV so Mike could offer up a more intelligent explanation of the service.

To my knowledge, VoxTrot has not been fully released. You can see a demo of it here. You can also reach out to Mike or the folks at Crimson Hexagon to find out more.

What do you think of the approach Mike explained? Does it shift the metric in the monitoring world or just offer a different take? Your thoughts? Comments!

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