Who Do You Want To See On SME TV?

by Jason Falls |

Social Media Explorer TVGoing to South by Southwest this weekend offers me the opportunity to gather some great insights and interviews for this blog. There are, frankly, too many cool people, applications and companies to document and investigate, so I’d like your help.

Social Media Explorer TV (that YouTubey thing over there in the side bar) has offered what I think are some strong insights into some interesting topics in the world of social media. I’m taking my camera to Austin and want to interview as many folks as I can but would rather interview the people, talk about the companies and learn about the applications you want to learn about.

So, tell me in the comments who you’d like to have me interview and what you’d like me to ask them. I’ll make every effort to pursue them. Here’s a cursory list of who I think might be of interest. Tell me who to add (or subtract) and assume certain things — Zuckerberg ain’t gonna do three minutes with some jerky he’s never heard of:

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