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Is Curated Content Eroding Your Brand?

by Suzanne Coblentz |

If you are fortunate enough to have the budget, resources and intellectual capital to create 100% proprietary content, yay for you! For the rest of us, in order to create a relevant, targeted, and informational mix of content for our intended clients/customers, we need to incorporate 3rd party content. And not all 3rd party content is created equal. Sure, it’s easy to be lazy with content curation, but if you don’t vet properly the price…

About the Author

Suzanne Coblentz

Where there is marketing madness, Suzanne is ready to bring a method. Suz has evolved alongside the digital marketing world and has over 15 years of experience. She is well versed in all digital paid channels, organic strategies, community management, social strategy and content development. As an Account Manager with SME Digital, creating a process to measure data, optimize performance, and evaluate effectiveness is her mission. Her motto in life is, “Every place has its things and every thing has a place.” With one notable exception, her car, which is a hot mess.