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Live from Inbound 2015 : How Inbound Marketing Can Help Brands Tell Their Story

by Alexandra Calukovic |

I along with 14,000 marketers, agencies, and web designers recently attended the Inbound 2015 Conference. Considered the mecca of inbound marketing, Inbound has grown from just a few hundred to a few thousand attendees in a very short span of time. The four-day conference had a lot to offer, including A-list celebrity guests like Amy Schumer and Chelsea Clinton, but the real show stopper was the latest secret to content creation. As you’re likely aware, the core…

About the Author

Alexandra Calukovic

Alexandra Calukovic-Deck, aka the Marketing Guru, is a data-driven marketeer. Growing up in the traditional marketing era, this Inbound marketer has experienced first-hand the shift to a more digital world. Versed in email, social and content marketing, Alexandra Calukovic-Deck drives the strategy behind Yoh's international sales and marketing divisions. Claims to fame include the longest possible last name ever, being able to call herself a certified Strategic Marketer and being a Philly phanatic.

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