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There Is A Right Way To Do Content Marketing

by Danielle Terreri |

Jeni has had Betsy, her faithful car, for over 10 years. Although Betsy is in decent shape, Jeni finds herself daydreaming about a new car. Her co-worker, Jeff, just got his car back from the shop. This is the third time this month his car has broken down. Here is their exchange in the break room: Jeni: “I’m thinking about buying a new car, but I don’t know if the timing is right.” Jeff: “This…

About the Author

Danielle Terreri

Danielle Terreri specializes in helping brands deliver powerful, creative, and most importantly, effective, marketing plans. Her passion lies in turning great ideas into measureable results through well-planned implementation and a true partnership with each client. As an account manager at SME Digital, Danielle is the gatekeeper of “WOW’ for each client partner.