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Measuring Meaningful Impact with Thoughtful Metrics

by Todd Medema |

Marketing is an art form and like any art form, creating something worthwhile takes time. There’s no shortcut to thoughtfulness, and following other people generally leads to uninspired creations. As the CTO of Sled, makers of high impact mobile advertising, I’m exposed to the inner workings of marketing and advertising on a daily basis. I want to share what I’ve learned and trends I’ve seen in the industry so you can better understand the real…

About the Author

Todd Medema

Todd Medema is co-founder and CTO of Sled Mobile, creators of high-impact mobile advertising. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon studying Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design, and now practices all three through Sled, Expedition: The Adventure Card Game, World View Wallpaper: The Worldly Live Wallpaper and drone filmmaking.