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5 Facebook Advertising Fundamentals to Streamline your Strategy

by Mike Bird |

Of all the social media platforms available, Facebook is clearly still reigning supreme. Not only is it one of the most popular with 1.44 billion monthly active users, but it also has one of the strongest advertising platforms of any social network. Facebook ads even rival Google ads in regards to sheer effectiveness and ROI. If you’re new to working with Facebook ads and haven’t had much luck, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that Facebook ads will be…

About the Author

Mike Bird

Mike Bird is a co-founder of digital marketing agency, Social Garden. Social Garden specialises in data-driven lead generation & marketing automation to grow companies’ revenue in the finance, property and education verticals in Australia. Mike is an influencer in the social media marketing & Facebook advertising space and contributes to Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Yahoo! Business Advisor and most importantly, the Social Garden blog.

Facebook Saturation

by Jason Falls |

The saturation of advertising messages on Facebook has users complaining, marketers wonder and the network profiting. What it all means....