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8 Instagram Hacks That Will Drive Sales From Millennials

by Paul Ramondo |

So it’s been six months since you launched your Instagram Account. In theory, its purpose was to connect your brand with the thousands of millennials that ‘gram it up’ every day while somehow turning those followers into cash. In reality, you’re failing to convert all those millennials and their double tap love hearts into actual paying customers. The worst part is, you have no idea why you’re failing. Well I’m here to help. In this 5 minute…

About the Author

Paul Ramondo

Paul Ramondo is a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing Speaker who considers his iPhone an extension of his forearm and his digital presence an extension of his psyche. For the better half of the last decade, Paul’s digital and social marketing strategies have driven bottom line revenue growth for recognised brands across Australia. Paul also runs; the go to digital marketing hacks blog.

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