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Using Psychology to Stay Crazy Productive this New Year

by Alex D'Amore |

Guess what, psychology is proving over and over that our brains are incapable of handling the plethora of new distractions swarming each and every one of us in this modern age of indulgence. But all is not lost fellow lazy millenial! There are some extremely simple tactics that can pull you out of the deep hole that is instant gratification that I’m here to share with you. This year let’s make distraction a thing of the past and…

About the Author

Alex D'Amore

Alex D'Amore is a Senior Editor at Social Media Explorer as well as an Account Manager for Renegade . He travels full time and has lived on the road working remotely for over two years. You can check out his blog or Instagram to follow him on the road. Alex enjoys photography, social psychology, and riding his bike for way too long.