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3 Tools to Discover How Much Authority An Influencer Really Has

by Marcus Ho |

In the world of social media, influence is a totally different game. Influence on social media can be defined by the number of fans and followers the user has, or the amount of likes and retweets they get from their posts. Influence on social media is extremely powerful. With 1.23 billion monthly users on Facebook, 271 million Twitter users, 150 million Instagram users, social media has a massive reach worldwide. Top tier influential users have…

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Marcus Ho

Well-known for radically increasing sales for businesses through social and digital media, Marcus is the co-founder of SocialMetric where he has successfully helped over 300 corporations so far. He is also the author of the highly raved book, Social Payoff . If you're interested in learning more measurable and advanced social media strategies to boost sales, consider signing up to the SocialMetric Newsletter