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A Cheap Way to Discover Brand-Topic Affinities on Twitter

by Seth Grimes |

Sometimes interesting things appear when you’re not even looking. And some lessons taught are applicable far beyond immediate challenges. Case in point: The realization that Twitter advertising statistics can reveal brand-topic affinities. Ad stats help you assess how well you’ve targeted promoted tweets — that’s their purpose — but you can use them for much more. You can use them to study competitive positioning and identify influencers around particular topics of interest. The trick is…

About the Author

Seth Grimes

Seth Grimes helps companies find business value in enterprise data and online information. He consults via Alta Plana Corporation, works as an industry analyst, organizes the Sentiment Analysis Symposium and tweets at @sethgrimes.

The Most Bogus Metric

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I love Twitter. I really do. Even when I have a beef with it, I recognize that it is an amazing tool connecting people and businesses and cultures and...