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8 Advanced Tools to Optimize Your Existing Traffic

by Alex D'Amore |

Too often marketers hone every inch of their efforts into boosting traffic numbers. We throw money at our computer screen hoping a small spike in visitors will somehow magically validate our product and increase conversions. After our fourth lackluster Adwords campaign one might start to realize just how futile the ‘traffic war’ really is. It’s a battle with no clear end or winner but lots and lots of bloodshed. I’m here to convert you all into hippy…

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Alex D'Amore

Alex D'Amore is the Editor in Chief of the Social Media Explorer blog as well as the Digital Marketing Manager for SME Digital . He travels full time and has lived on the road working remotely for over a year. You can check out his blog or Instagram to follow him on the road. Alex likes photography, social psychology, and riding his bike for way too long.

Redefining FriendFeed

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For the longest time I have had a rather eye-rolling reaction when people mention FriendFeed. The life streaming service certainly has its merits and ...