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Feeding the Social Beast

by Doug Kessler |

I’m starting to wonder about the whole social media equation and whether the penalties and prices of swimming in the new social pool are sometimes (or maybe inevitably) greater than the sum of the many returns. What started, for me, as a toe in the water has become something that often feels more like a face-full of firehose or a desperate crawl against a torrent of social obligations. Social media is literally, figuratively and virtually…

About the Author

Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler is co-founder and creative director of Velocity Partners, the London-based B2B content marketing agency. Doug has written a lot about content marketing including the B2B Marketing Manifesto, the B2B Content Strategy Checklist and Crap: Why the Biggest Threat to Content Marketing is Content Marketing.

The Pinning of America

by Jason Falls |

Jason Falls discusses the significance of Pinterest for retailers online and offline and new research on the photo social network from The Social Habi...