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An Interview with 4 Brands on the Secrets to their Social Media Success

by Sarah Pike |

Social media is a must-have for any business. But to make social media work for your brand you need to have a solid strategy that focuses on customer engagement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small local startup or an established brand with a broad reach, social media can make the difference between becoming a household name and getting forgotten. We spoke to four companies that used their robust social media presence to grow their…

About the Author

Sarah Pike

Sarah has her BA in Communication and her MA in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication. She’s an Outreach Specialist for CLEARLINK in Salt Lake City, a freelance writer, college instructor, and pop culture addict. When she’s not writing, researching, or teaching, she's probably binge-watching RomComs or planning her next road trip. She also enjoys following far too many celebrities than she should on Instagram.

Social Grows Up

by Tracey Parsons |

Social is older than we think. Listservs were the first foray in social and those were alive in the late 70s. But, mainstream social is becoming a tee...

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