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How to Grow Your Twitter Audience in Just 30 Minutes a Day

by Corey Ferreira |

Whether you’re building up your Twitter following from scratch, or you already have some sort of established audience, building and maintaining a following can seem rather time consuming even to veteran marketers. Posting everyday, several times a day, is just not enough to stimulate growth. The “if I build it, they will come” mindset just doesn’t apply with twitter. This is why it’s important you actively try to grow your Twitter audience. To see real growth in…

About the Author

Corey Ferreira

Corey Ferreira is a content creator for Shopify and blogger and owner of Embolden, a blog created to help online entrepreneurs create awesome stuff online. He is a passionate entrepreneur, addicted coconut water drinker and also the co-host of the Fuel To Launch podcast, a podcast to motivate and give wantrepreneurs the tools to start a business.

All Work and All Play

by Jack Holt |

Social media thrives on one thing: accessibility. Whether it’s seeing the biggest stars’ daily routines or scoring the scoop from a trusted report...